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Microfilament Face Masks

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Wholesale Face Masks

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General Information

Our fabric is a non-woven product destined to be a trend setter. In addition to its similarity to woven fabrics, it’s also possesses superb filtration and barrier properties — like a melt-blown with the strength of a spun-bond.

It’s microfilaments are up to 100 times thinner than a human hair and are the key to our fabrics’ unique properties. Dense structure of our fabric provides very good barrier and filtration properties and, thanks to its microfilaments, has good moisture management capability. It is absorbent, quick to dry and breathes well. Our fabric is washable and has very good and complementary properties of thermal insulation, wind resistance and ultraviolet protection.

It’s advanced attributes make it uniquely applicable for use in processes such as finishing, dyeing, printing and cutting just like traditional textiles. This new fabric provides a very smooth hand, close to traditional textiles, with excellent dying and printing capability and is strong and durable.

News: UK Government has made use of masks compulsory in public transport. 


1. Single packed mask with PVC (100% recyclable) mini hygiene carrying bag - bespoke digital print design/logo on the mask and on the bag

Price per piece will be provided based on delivery location and quantity.

2. Multiple packed masks - bespoke digital print on the mask (6 pcs. in pack)

Price per piece will be provided based on delivery location and quantity.

* Items will be ready for shipment within 10 days after official purchase order.

* Minimum order quantity is 2.500 masks in any given packaging form given above and this quantity can be divided into 2 different design/logo.

* Quality control: AQL4.0

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